With the positive backing of the Biden Administration back in January of last year, Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) geared up for a productive year. The goals and viewpoints of both PMI and the administrations have paralleled each other from the beginning. In 2022, we look at the progress achieved in the last year.

In March 2021, Joe Biden recognized World Plumbing Day and honored the importance of plumbers and other related professionals for their hard work. He stated that his governance would result in better working conditions and pay for the plumbing industry.

Who is Plumbing Manufacturers International?

Plumbing Manufacturers International is a nonprofit association of plumbing manufacturers who advocate affordable and qualitative products for the general public. In the late 1970s, under a different moniker but rebranded to Plumbing Manufacturers International in 2011.

Their focus is on promoting zero-waste technology, efficient water distribution, and environmental sustainability.

The Biden Administration

The Biden administration promised to bring many changes in the economic, environmental, and political front when they came into office in 2021. Biden’s “build back better” economic plan promised to bring jobs and reforms in health services, wastewater, and drinking water systems.

The administration also proposed a package of $400 billion to make these changes. Some of the changes in relation to the plumbing industry included lead pipe replacements, water recycling technology, wastewater disposal, zero-waste technology, and more.

The Many Collaborative Efforts of Plumbing Manufacturers International

From the early quarters of 2021, PMI worked with multiple organizations to bring forth reliable, qualitative, and affordable plumbing solutions to the general public. In March 2021, PMI joined forces with Buy Safe America Coalition, a group of plumbing retailers to protect buyers from counterfeit materials.

As the second wave of the coronavirus soared through the U.S. in May, Elkay joined PMI to work together against the rising problems caused by the pandemic. Last month, Uponor North America joined the ever-growing family of PMI to mitigate problems arising in the labor, demand-supply chain, and material departments in the plumbing industry.

With the support of the Biden administration, PMI is able to collaborate with giants in the plumbing industry to make a positive difference.

The Focus on Climate Change and Zero-Waste Technology

On June 2021, PMI conducted a Virtual Legislative Forum that focused on the needs of the 21st century. Climate change is now a very real repercussion of haphazard energy consumption. World leaders and lawmakers encouraged the development of zero-waste technology in 2021.

The participants of the forum highlighted many aspects of the Clean Future Act and direct instructions of the Biden administration.

The Clean Future Act encouraged more focus on energy-efficient technology, zero water waste, and less reliance on natural gas. The Biden administration addressed the urgent need for reforms in the plumbing industry from lead pipes to safer ones.

The forum also made it a point to shed light on the need for a bipartisan infrastructure package for all workforce. This package is an important step forward in the revolution of the plumbing industry in America. The Biden administration has worked quite hard in developing this package as a part of their “build back better” economic campaign.

The Results

The aftermath of the Virtual Legislative Forum brought good news for the plumbing industry. In November 2021, PMI congratulated Congress for passing the historic bipartisan infrastructure package.

The package brought substantial funding for all development projects in rural areas throughout the country worth $50 billion. The package also includes funding almost $15 billion for the replacement of lead pipes in the service lines. Additionally, $48 million is put aside for national water reuse programs.

This is a huge win not only for the PMI but also for the Biden administration. The bipartisan infrastructure package brings much-needed focus to the reformation of water systems in the country while incorporating the needs of a futuristic America.