A substantial funding has been granted for reformation in the plumbing industry as the bipartisan infrastructure package was approved in November 2021 by Congress. This means that there’s a long list of changes to be made in wastewater management, drinking water system, and countrywide piping system.

In the bipartisan infrastructure package, Biden has also included funding of $45 billion to replace lead pipes in the drinking water service lines in the country as a whole. This project is a huge deal for plumbing professionals. For one, lead pipes are hazardous for one’s health. Secondly, the nationwide replacement of the lead pipes leads to more job opportunities for plumbers.

Lead Pipes and the Danger They Possess

The U.S. government banned the use of lead pipes almost 30 years ago because it can cause irreversible damage to the brain and blood. If infants are introduced to lead-contaminated water, their physical and mental growth is hindered.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that children may be exposed to lead through the following sources:

  • Water pipes
  • Home built in the 1960s
  • Paint containing lead
  • Toys containing lead

Even though the use of lead in piping systems of homes is banned, older homes still have lead pipes. There is a very real danger of lead poisoning in those homes.

The Plan Explained

The fact sheet shared on the White House website explains in great detail why and how the lead pipe replacement will be done. The bipartisan infrastructure package grants funding of $45 billion to remove lead pipes from drinking water lines. This plan alone will affect the drinking water quality of at least 10 million residences and 400,000 child care institutions.

Additionally, $56 billion is set aside to upgrade old water systems in different communities across the country. The plan also has a grant of $10 billion for monitoring and removal of polyfluoroalkyl substances from drinking water in rural parts of America.

There’s more! Biden also has plans to invest $35 billion towards clean energy technology and zero-waste appliances. The goal is for America to become a global leader in clean energy tech.

With these long-term investments into making over a large part of the country’s water and energy system, Biden is indirectly looking to employ a huge chunk of America’s workforce.

The old water lines of America are hard to map out; Biden’s administration has quite a lot to do! There are also plans to upgrade broadband internet connection throughout the country. Developing clean energy tech needs quite a lot of manpower.

New Jobs and Economic Growth

The bipartisan infrastructure package also has plans to invest $300 billion to expand manufacturing and export industries. Biden’s administration is making it a point to support local businesses and kickstart the local economy. A lot of funding also goes towards strengthening community colleges, small businesses, low-interest loans for communities, and child care facilities.

The endeavor of removing lead pipes to fit new, safer pipes in all of the U.S. is quite a long-term plan. A lot of plumbing professionals are sure to have their plates full once the plan is full-fledged.

In conclusion,

The removal of lead pipes has already begun in Flint, and it has proven to be time-consuming and extremely difficult. However, it is the case with all major long-term projects.

E2 reports that replacing lead pipes will create more than 50,000 long-term jobs in America. Although the direct financial returns of this undertaking may be negligent, it will directly eliminate lead consumption in infants.